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About My Little Silver - Ilana

It all started with a little problem….When my little 2 year old daughter was turning three, all she wanted was a beautiful sterling silver bracelet just like her mamas. So I thought this would be really easy to find. Oh, how little did I know!  

I searched for hours and days on end across shopping centres and boutiques to try and find a quality, affordable and trendy piece of kid's sterling silver, then looked online and couldn’t find anything that was suitable for a small little girl, but came out empty-handed.

Thus began my journey to design and produce beautiful, luxurious sterling silver jewellery necklaces and bracelets, sized JUST for kids and tweens, and in a way that THEY can design, personalise and interchange their own designs. Also, I am very strict with the quality control, and create each piece so that it is durable and strong. 

As a very practical Mother, (raising two little ones on my own), I wanted the children's jewellery to be high quality and affordable, but also grow with children. So, I made each piece fully adjustable to grow with children. I use lead free and nickel free premium .925 sterling silver and heavy 18 karat gold plating on our rose gold and yellow gold pieces, so the children's jewellery is built to last.

We hope your girls LOVE wearing the My Little Silver jewellery as much as I enjoy designing them!

xox Ilana