Girl's Jewellery she can't go without this summer!

Posted on January 05 2019

Girl's Jewellery she can't go without this summer!

The long-lived question … what makes us different?

‘The finer details are what makes the good things different from the great things’

Let us try to narrow it down for you…

Do we sell jewellery? - Yes.

Do we have premium quality jewellery that will last? - Of course.

Do we know how amazing our products are? Affirmative.

Do our customers love our jewellery? - Absolutely!

Are we the leading company in doing what we do in our niche? … We think so after 2 years of hard work to perfect our designs and quality specifications, plus our strict quality control.

You have heard it all before… Every store or brand claiming they are the best in their industry, or they are different from everyone else because they have the highest quality, or the best prices, or biggest profits. And so on…

So, what makes My Little Silver unique? 

Reason #1:

We are the FIRST Australian luxury jewellery brand exclusive to children and young teens.

Many jewellery shops do not offer what we offer when it comes to fine sterling silver jewellery for kids, we have specifically designed our jewellery to fit the needs of young girls between the ages of 3-14 and maybe higher.

Reason #2:

Our children's jewellery is designed to grow as she does with our adjustable chains and extensions, it is designed to last through her adventures with our durable Italian chains, it is designed to be unique to every girl who wears it. And most importantly… it is designed to make her smile and have a piece of jewellery “just like mama's”.


Reason #3:

We are NOT just a jewellery brand.

We are fun, cheeky and represent a positive outlook towards self-expression and positive thinking for young girls, tweens and teens. We want to inspire and encourage positive energy through our kid’s jewellery collection and our brand to all children and teens across the world.

Classic-childrens-bracelet glossy-hearts-bracelet 

‘Embrace the beauty within you. Be kind. Be confident. And never forget to be yourself.’

We want girls all over the world to have the opportunity to express themselves and show their personality through their style and feel confident in who they are and the jewellery they wear.

Reason #4:

Our kid's jewellery is beautifully hand-finished and super cute!! - How can you not love it?!


Have we convinced you yet?


Let’s keep trying…

#5 – Allergy FREE!! No lead, no nickel and no zinc!

#6 – Jewellery “just like mummy’s”

#7 – Interchangeable charms and pendants

#8 – Premium .925 sterling silver

#9 – 18 karat rose gold and yellow gold 2 microns of plating

#10 – Designed in Australia

#11 – Designed, managed and run by a super mum of 2 young kids! #supportmumsinbusiness

#12 – Elegant and timeless designs

#13 – Pops of colour with gorgeous enamel pieces.

#14 – Jewellery that will never go out of style!

#15 – Guaranteed love and appreciation from the My Little Silver team

#16 – Seriously… super cute!!!

If we still have not convinced you why you should choose My Little Silver for your go-to children’s jewellery – We insist you check out our jewellery collection here and see for yourself or see our reviews on our Facebook page!

Let our girls celebrate their uniqueness and creativity because small things make BIG impressions

With love,

The My Little Silver team x


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