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Posted on July 02 2019

Instagram Mummy Bloggers Blog

Social Media is full of an incredible amount of inspiration, jaw-dropping imagery, and incredible content. It guides you on the BEST places to shop, the right people to follow, and changes at a blink of an eye. Social media has its finger on the pulse faster than any other medium today, and we get to be ‘in the know’ through an ever-growing grapevine of women who lead this change in our information flow.

Personally, I am more of a Facebook gal. I am all about reading articles on my laptop rather than my I Phone. I am a proud Xennial Mum – not millennial and not old enough to be Gen X. But here I am with my brand shiny new brand on Instagram often feeling totally clueless.

Millions and millions of Millennial, Xennial and Gen XY Mums are hitting up Instagram for fashion inspo, parenting advice and hearing stories of women who let everything out through the Gram. These women and mums blog their everyday life, the good, the bad, the ugly, the crazy and keep us “regular folk” assured that we are not alone! #thestruggleisreal

Beautiful and perfectly curated images are what Instagram is all about. It grabs your attention one filter or boomerang at a time. I still haven’t done a boomerang or even tried to do a Live Vid. Am I too private a person? Probably – especially in the age of over-sharing and instant celebrity through viral videos and the ability to create hype in the most insane and crazy ways. Just watch a bit of Tik Tok to see what creates virality in today’s virtual social world. 

When you take a deep dive in and read some of these incredible women’s stories, you quickly see that it’s not always the perfect life. Real women with real-life problems sharing – sharing from the very depths of their hearts the struggles they go through. Whether they are a single mamma like me, or perhaps going through the insanity of trying to have a baby against all odds, globe-trotting the world with a large and super young family in tow, these mummy bloggers are making a HUGE global splash creating content that we would otherwise not have access to. The every day mamma sharing and relating to all the other everyday mammas.

Authenticity is KING (or QUEEN) – making yourself relatable, honest, sharing those funny – crazy moments in our motherhood journey, their tips, tricks, styles, and the everyday life and struggle.

We have done a little deep dive ourselves into the Mum Blogosphere, and come up with a list of our favourite Mum Bloggers on Instagram that are TOTALLY worth following! Check these mamas out!

Zoe at @thesubtlemummy

Mummy Blogger - The Subtle Mummy

The Subtle Mummy is anything but, she tells it like it is with #nofilter (ok she uses a few).

Zoe is a mother of two, a beautiful girl and boy and she adores sharing topics about the taboo subjects that come with motherhood. Zoe does not take life too seriously because she believes that life is as fun as you make it, and if that means pranking her husband on a daily basis, she takes that opportunity! Her hubby pranks honestly leave me in tears of laughter.

Zoe is fun, honest and a real jokester, delivering so much entertainment through her stories and everyday life, but she is also kind-hearted, down to earth and shows the hardships life can sometimes bring.

We love working with Zoe and her eyelash for days Ambrosia who rocks our jewellery so fabulously!

Keep up to date with Zoe's latest pranks over at The Subtle Mummy

Georg from @georgwoulfe

Georg Woulfe - Instagram mummy blogger

Georg is the founder of a stunning online boutique Winnie Dot and also the creator of #hopmama. A mother of 3, with a firm belief, that ANY mum can be a stay at home mum, run an online business and live a healthy, organised life with the right mindset.

HOP means Hour Of Power and it is a game-changer if you are looking for a change in your level of productivity and overall enjoyment of life. Click here if you want to find more about HOP, and make sure you follow Georg if you are not already because she is truly an inspiration! Sharing with you the everyday highs and lows of motherhood, being a FIFO wife and running a successful online business – she will inspire you to take care of yourself! (I totally need to take cues from her daily!!)

Learn more about Georg, Winnie Dot AND becoming a HOP mama here

Bec from @becjudd

Bec Judd - Instagram

People often tell me that I have superpowers juggling a family and a business, but this woman, Bec Judd is the definition of SUPERWOMAN!

A wife, a mother, a model, a television presenter, a speech pathologist, and total Queen of GLAM – Is there anything this lady cannot do?

We LOVE following her, seeing what she gets up to, and how she manages to juggle her everyday busy lifestyle and admire the oh so glam life she lives!

She sets the tone for, if you want it – go get it! You have the power to do anything if you want it badly enough.

Check out Bec's Fashion and Lifestyle Blog - Rebecca Judd Loves

Marcia from @notsomumsy

Marcia Leone - Instagram

An inspirational modern day mama juggling busy schedules, play-dates and the occasional splash of Rosé.

Marcia has an Instagram feed full of glamorous pictures, intermingled with honest words. Sharing her everyday busy life and precious motherhood moments, with award-winning blogs for the modern mums out there. From motherhood advice, discovering your passion, high-fashion trends and savvy ways to shop are just a few topics that Marcia covers!

AND if you love to TWIN with your girls as we do, Not So Mumsy and Infamous Swim have the perfect mother-daughter matching swimwear, there is even something for the boys too! Pair it with our twinning Mama + Me necklaces and you are set for the Summer!

Read her latest blogs at Life & Style for the Modern Mama

Mel from @melwatts

 Mel Watts - Instagram

Speaking of modern mums… The Modern Mumma herself, Mel is a relatable, funny, down to earth lady who speaks the raw truth about motherhood. As a woman who struggled severely with Post Natal Depression with her first-born, she now speaks out about the real-life struggles of being a mother of four, the everyday battles and joys of family life.

Mel is funny, candid and sometimes something that you need as a fellow mum - an inspiration and entertainer for fellow modern mammas out there!

Check out Mel's blog over at The Modern Mama

Roberta from @roberta.fairbanks

Roberta Fairbanks - Instagram

Roberta is a complete mama boss and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person while I was in Sydney! Her energy and lively personality are totally infectious and this reflects her fun and playful social media feed. Roberta inspires, mentors and coaches women to ditch the mum guilt and create the best version of themselves and their business with her award-winning @stylishkids_australia blog. It’s fair to say that this #mumboss knows how to get things done, and all with a playful smile!

Follow along with her Instagram stories for her day-to-day routines and how she makes her business successful while juggling her beautiful kids. Roberta is honest, cheeky and a lot of fun!

Find out more about Roberta & her work on her website: Stylish Mama Boss

These are just a handful of our favourite Australian mummy bloggers on Instagram that we love following for inspiration, motivation, humour and relating to fellow business mums out there! 

Being able to connect with other mums, going through the same motions of motherhood, is what inspired the launch of My Littler Silver. Running a business, juggling life as a single Mum, and building something that is completely my own is a tough gig, but the end game is something truly beautiful – and that’s being an inspirational mother and businesswoman for my kids, and continually creating an ethos and brand I am very proud of. Yes, there are daily hurdles and yes, it’s a jungle, but it’s my journey and it’s my story to tell. I am still not ready to boomerang (or know how), nor do I even know how to use ITV or Tik Tok (or Instagram filters for that matter), but I will get there, and know there are many mum bloggers out there that do it way better than me, whilst entertaining me and millions of other Mums in the process.  

Sending Love & Hugs xx

Ilana ;) 

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  • Gabrielle: July 16, 2019

    All these Mums are incredible!! What a great read! The Subtle Mummy is absolutely hilarious and secretly wishing my daughter ate like her Ambrossia🤣 and Georg from Winnie Dot is my absolute fave! She inspired me to get up earlier, who would have thought you could feel connected with people who you’ve never met or even spoken to!

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