Why a Charm Bracelet? Mel's Story

Posted on June 17 2021

Why a charm bracelet? Introducing Mel's story on her memories of her childhood charm bracelet

People often ask why we decided to design children's charm bracelets... and the answer is simple.

Because every young girl deserves to have something beautiful that they can wear and personalise to how THEY want and/or feel, and curate memories (charms) with every special occasion or milestone throughout their childhood. To be able to one day look back on, and be reminded by those moments even 10, 20, 30 years later. 

I had a charm bracelet when I was a child, and many mums and grandmothers I've spoken to have been able to tell me about the meaning of their charm bracelet as a child and it is absolutely magical to hear their stories, some who still have theirs to this day.

We had a lovely chat with the lovely Mel, who took us down memory lane when she brought out her gorgeous gold charm bracelet that her parents gifted her on her 13th birthday and she still has it to this day. 

Below are a few key points in our interview and we LOVE that she decided to keep her children's charm bracelet and all of the charms she collected over the years, this is what makes beautiful memories and we are so happy to share it with you.

Interview with Mel; A keepsake gift:

1. How old were you when you received your first charm bracelet and what was the occasion?
My 13th birthday I received the bracelet with one charm being a single heart.

2. What type of charms did you have on your charm bracelet, what was it made from and how many charms did you collect as a child/teen?
My bracelet and 20 charms are all gold. The charms represent something that happened in my life. I would sometimes receive one for my birthday, or when a special occasion took place in my life.

3. Did you own more than one charm bracelet, if so…how many bracelets
Just the one that I would add to.

4. How often did you wear your charm bracelet as a child/teen? Do you still wear it?
I don’t still wear it as I’ve graduated to a more ‘grown up’ style that was given to me when I had my daughter. My charm bracelet only came out on special occasions or events.

5. Looking at your charm bracelet, what kind of memories does in evoke?
Beautiful memories of my teenage years! As each charm represented something that happened in my life it’s lovely to look at it and remember the occasions and achievements of my teenage years. Nothing but positive memories!

6. Do you have an interesting story about any of the charms you received as a child and the emotions and memories that come back connecting you with your bracelet? Any important / nostalgic events that come to mind and jog your memory?
Every charm on my bracelet tells a story of something that happened in my teenage years. The little car represents learning to drive, Eiffel Tower my first trip overseas without my parents, mortarboard for when I graduated university, a high heel shoe for my first school formal, a VIP charm for making school captain. Getting out my bracelet now for the first time in years has made me smile. It’s made me hopeful that my children’s teenage years will be just as rewarding and memorable.

7. As a mother, do you want to connect your own kids to charm bracelets, if yes/no, why?

Getting out my bracelet again after so many years has prompted me to want to share the excitement of a special and meaningful gift with my daughter. Perhaps her own charm bracelet will be my gift to her for her 13th birthday. I like the thought of carrying on a tradition.

Picture of Mel's Charm Bracelet she had throughout her childhood and teen years:
Gold Charm Bracelet with Gold charms and trinklets

We would love to hear about YOUR Charm Bracelet from your childhood and have you started one for your daughter?

Ilana, and the My Little Silver team xx

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  • Jennifer Saylor: October 21, 2021

    What a beautiful post! Reading this remind me my childhood Charm Bracelet that my mom gifted me on my 8th birthday which i used to wear for long time. A Best gifts for baby ones on special occasions that we adore Baby girl bracelets .
    And adding different charm in bracelet to make it more meaningful and beautiful.

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