History of the Childrens Charm Bracelet

Posted on December 07 2018

History of the Childrens Charm Bracelet

When my mother was a child, she collected and was gifted the most elaborate charms for her children’s charm bracelet. I was often fascinated as a girl to all the shapes and styles of her beautiful children’s charms she received to mark a birthday, festival, special occasion or milestone in her life. She would tell me a story about each of her special charms and why she had received it. Her piece of jewellery was literally like pages of history in her life. 

Children’s charm bracelets are so unique because they allow us to create memories and share our personalities through jewellery.
Charm Bracelets are not just a beautiful accessory; they carry meaning. Each charm often marks a certain milestone in someone’s life or represents a part of their personality, whether it’s a bell charm to signify Christmas or the end of the school year or a ballet charm to signify a gift for a ballet concert or ballet exam. The opportunities are endless!



The History of Children’s Charm Bracelet:

While the exact origins of the charm bracelet are speculated, research goes back to the Medieval Period. Medieval Knights created elaborate bracelets made from seashells, wood or clay and wore them during battles to help protect them against negative forces and fight off evil spirits. They also believed it would bring good luck to whoever wore it.

The eternally famous Queen of Charm, Queen Victoria, brought keepsake charms back to life in the 20th century with a luxurious jewellery style that quickly became very popular, as she wore lockets, family crests, and beads on her bracelet and necklaces.




Children’s charm bracelets were particularly popular in the 1950s to 1970s, when my own mother was a young girl, and every girl had to have one. Each significant event in children’s lives would be marked by a new addition to their charm bracelet. In many circles, charm bracelets were given to mark a girl’s teenage years, whether for Holy Communions, Confirmations or Bat Mitzvah gifts.

The modern children’s charm bracelet meant that new charms could be added and old ones removed or kept. Allowing girls to change aspects of their charm bracelets on a daily basis to express their own personality, mood or thoughts for that day.

Today’s Charm Bracelet:

Today the charm bracelet is coming back with a force, as girls, tweens and young teens are receiving keepsake jewellery as gifts for special occasions in their life.

It’s hard to find a girl who doesn’t love her charm bracelet, and if she doesn’t have one – she often wants one! The beauty of children’s charm bracelets is that she can interchange her charms to suit any outfit or occasion.


Wear your Girl’s Charm Bracelet on Its Own


Show off your Children’s Charm collection



Keep it simple with one or two of your favourite charms 



The Future of the Charm Bracelet

We can’t exactly tell you what the future holds for the charm bracelet… but we can tell you that while the charm bracelet started a VERY long time ago, we don’t see it going out of style any time soon, especially children’s and teen’s charm bracelets.

The charm bracelet holds a different meaning to everyone, and there are multiple designs and colours of sterling silver charms to choose from at My Little Silver.

Girls often appreciate those things that they can keep forever. We designed My Little Silver’s Children’s Charm Bracelets to keep and share her memories, with charms that are durable to last a lifetime! 

We created our children’s charm collection to continue the age-old tradition of creating new memories through her growing collection, and I am so excited to introduce new designs I have coming up in my collection for 2019!

We just LOVE to keep you on your toes and guessing at My Little Silver ;)

Ilana, xx


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