Children’s Jewellery for Special Occasions? We have you covered!

Posted on July 23 2021

Children's Jewellery for Special Occasions? We've got you covered! Girls opening their Jewellery Box Gifts for the first time

Finding children’s jewellery that is not only affordable, but versatile, durable and high quality is a common struggle for Mums, Dads, and all the rellos that want to “stand out” and give a memorable gift to their special girl.

I often chat with my customers on the phone or email, who share that they have been searching a long time for a reliable and sturdy jewellery brand for children, something more keepsake to gift, rather than something a child will quickly grow out of, or in many cases become bored of (we know how that goes all too often). Parents often complain about cheap costume jewellery that breaks easily or makes the skin green (yuck), and in some more serious cases, children develop an allergy towards. This is why being a knowledgeable consumer is so important and making sure the precious materials our jewellery is made of doesn’t contain any nasties.

As a Mum of a bright and vivacious 8-year-old girl, I see first-hand how young girls and teens often change their style, vary their likes and dislikes, especially as they grow and mature. I hear from other Mum friends how the teenage years can be especially tough and have no doubt I will be writing a whole other blog about THAT important and tricky stage in a girl’s life in the not too distant future ;) 

So let’s get back to where we started...

Finding the perfect children’s jewellery gift for a 5-year-old girl might be a completely different story when she turns 10 or 12, and we hope that we have made it a little easier with our designs. My Little Silver jewellery is created with timeless, yet modern designs, and we are constantly receiving your feedback on pieces you want to see added to our collections. We listened and we have some adorable new styles coming your way very soon.

Because we know gift-giving can be an absolute struggle (I am still trying to work out WHAT to give my son for his 11th birthday #mumguilt), we have created a little guide to give you ideas for children’s gifts to mark different occasions.

Flower Girl Jewellery

Weddings are one of our favourite occasions, and suitable flower girl jewellery and gifts are super difficult to find. We recommend buying something simple and sweet that will compliment her flower girl dress elegantly without being ‘too much’. One of the styles is our stunning Sparkle Heart Pendant & Necklace paired with our Sparkle Heart Studs. 

This combination is the perfect duo for any flower girl in any tone of Sterling Silver, Rose Gold or Yellow Gold depending on the bridal party colour palette. Our Sparkle Heart jewellery won’t drag too much attention away from the bride, but there are no promises... After all, you can’t have too much love at a wedding and the Flower Girls deserve to sparkle too!


Children's Sparkle Heart Necklace in Rose Gold Children's Sparkle Heart Earrings - Rose Gold

Another suggestion would be our Flower Necklaces and Engravable Jewellery, so you can personalise her flower girl jewellery with a special thank you message.

Our Popular style would be our Flickering Flower Pendant & Necklace, our Floating Flower Necklace & matching Floating Flower Earrings.

Floating Flower Necklace - Sterling SilverFloating Flower Earrings - Sterling Silver 
Flickering Flower Necklace rose gold

First Communion, Confirmation and Bat Mitsvah Gift Jewellery

Bat Mitsvahs, Communions, Confirmations and other religious and cultural events are often really difficult to find meaningful gifts for, however, the most common gift to give is either a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings to represent their special day. 

The most common style chosen for First Communions and Confirmations would be the symbol of the cross, however, when we were designing our jewellery, we wanted to do things a little differently. This is why we chose the angelic option and designed the stunning, dainty Sweet Shiny Angle Earrings in three different tones.

Girls Earrings - Sweet Angel EarringsAngel Earrings for First Communions - Sterling Silver

All types of jewellery are given for Bat Mitsvah and coming of age events, but hearts seem to be a favourite, such as our Chain of Hearts Bracelet, Three of Puff Hearts and Love Lock necklaces.

Children's Chain of Hearts Charm Bracelet - Yellow GoldGirls Charm Bracelet - Chain of Hearts Charm BraceletThree Puff Heart NecklacesChildren's Love Heart Lock Necklace in Rose Gold 

Dance and Ballet Jewellery

Crank up the music and dance like EVERYBODY is watching!! My little girl absolutely LOVES to dance and finding jewellery specific to our tiny little dancers seemed impossible to find! She was the inspiration behind the beginning of My Little Silver and also our unique designs specific to different occasions, just like your dancing queens. 

The perfect gift for dance competitions, ballet/dance exams, and dance concerts is our Tiny Dancer Ballet Slipper Necklace paired with our intricate Musical Note Earrings. A unique and timeless gift that your girls can wear through their dancing years and of course while she dances. This combination is the perfect duo for any dancer and music lover, and she will feel the beat wherever she goes, and be the envy of her fellow dancers. Do you have an older teen who loves to dance? No problem - our Tiny Dancer Ballet Slipper Necklace also comes in older teen/adult size. 

Ballerina Jewellery - Tiny Dancer Ballet Slipper and Musical Note EarringsMusical Note Earrings - Girls Earring GiftsTiny Dancer Ballet Slipper Necklace for a dance competitionMusic Note Earrings In Rose Gold

First Earring Jewellery

Do you remember getting your ears pierced for the first time? And how much you wanted to wear all your mum’s different earrings or buy every different style at the shops...but you had to wait the dreaded 6 weeks before you could change them?

Oh, the torture of waiting!!!

I still remember the first time I changed my earrings from a pair of CZ diamond sparkling studs and switched them into some sweet styles.

The ultimate gift for a girl's FIRST pair of earrings (in our eyes) is the baby hearts as they are small and subtle, and you literally cannot feel them in your ears!  

Rose Gold Baby Heart EarringsGirls Baby Heart Earrings in sterling silverBaby Heart Earrings for first earrings - Sterling Silver

Other popular children’s earring styles that are super comfy for newly pierced ears are the Sparkle Hearts Studs and Floating Star earrings. They are so versatile, lightweight and a dainty size so they are not putting any pressure on her sweet little lobes and BONUS - all of our sterling silver earrings are hypoallergenic, lead-free and nickel-free for sensitive ears.

Sparkle Heart Earrings - Sterling SilverFloating Star Earrings in sterling silver Star Stud Earrings in sterling silver

So, in conclusion….

There IS children’s jewellery for every special event in a child and teens life, but the best thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on one piece of jewellery for ONE occasion, especially when you are seeking out children's jewellery made from hypoallergenic sterling silver. 

Send us an email at or comment below and we are happy to help you find the ultimate gift for your girls, whatever the occasion!

Ilana and the My Little Silver team xx

PS. Stay tuned, we have some incredible new pieces coming for our Necklace, Earring and Charm collection and we think you may have some new favourites very soon. 

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  • Aylen: May 23, 2022

    “Should I buy sterling silver, 14KT Baby earrings, or 18KT baby earrings for a baby or little girl?” We highly recommend buying 14K gold baby earrings or 18KT gold earrings for her first pair of earrings since a little one’s ears are sensitive. However, our premium quality silver baby earrings are made in the USA and are rhodium plated. Rhodium gives a hypoallergenic coating to protect against any irritation caused by silver.

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